Privacy Policy 

Instance of Privacy Policy

Capitalised words and phrases are defined in the “Definitions” section of this document unless otherwise specified.


Provider means LOVE TO Be Bright Green Mutual Ltd (ACN 649 076 933), LOVE TO Be Mutual Ltd (ACN 648 846 842), LOVE TO Growth Management Pty Ltd (ACN 624 477 283), LOVE TO Financial Management Pty Ltd (ACN 658 116 217) and LOVE TO R&D Pty Ltd (ACN 621 773 608) of BRISBANE QLD 4000, contactable on

Individual means you, the person using Provider’s Service, contactable on any email communicated to Provider.

1. Introduction

While providing the Services, Provider collects Personal Information about Individual. This document describes how Provider collects, stores, uses and discloses Personal Information.

2. Types of Information Collected

Provider may collect the following types of Personal Information about Individual:
  • banking information;
  • names;
  • addresses;
  • email addresses;
  • telephone numbers;
  • IP addresses;
  • details of products or services that Provider has provided to Individual;
  • records of, or notes on communications between Provider and Individual; and
  • cryptographic wallet address information.

3. How Information Is Collected

Provider may collect Personal Information about the Individual using:
  • information from Provider’s website;
  • the Individual’s communications with Provider;
  • through market research;
  • automated analysis of Individual’s use of Provider’s services;
  • customer surveys;
  • the Provider’s Service; and
  • linked social networking accounts.

4. Deletion of Personal Information

Provider deletes Personal Information when:
  • Individual requests its deletion and it is reasonable to comply; and
  • it is no longer needed.

5. Disclosures of Information

Provider may disclose Personal Information to:
  • payment systems operators;
  • Provider’s employees;
  • professional advisors;
  • third party service providers;
  • regulatory bodies; and
  • courts of law.

6. Disclosing Information Outside Australia

Our handling of Personal Information may involve disclosure of Personal Information overseas, for example to:
  • storage and processing providers overseas;
  • third party payment service providers like Stripe;
  • an affiliated entity in Singapore; and
  • customer relationship management software providers.

7. Privacy Contact

Questions or complaints from Individual relating to Provider’s dealings with Personal Information should be directed to Provider on

When Individual communicates a complaint to Provider, Provider will respond within two weeks, and seek to resolve the complaint entirely within one month if the nature of the complaint permits it. Provider will make a reasonable effort to resolve the complaints or questions of Individual, and where Provider is unable to do so, Provider will attempt to explain why it is unable to do so.

If Individual considers a matter remains unresolved, Individual may contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) (

8. Accessing Information

Under privacy law, Individual has the right to contact Provider to modify or obtain Personal Information held about them by Provider.

9. Changes To This Policy

Provider reserves the right to make changes to this document in the future, either to:
  • comply with changes in Australian privacy law, or
  • to reflect changing business practices.

It is the responsibility of Individual to regularly check this document for such changes.

10. Definitions

Personal Information: means any information that is categorised as ‘personal information’ or ‘personal data’ under privacy law, or is otherwise regulated by privacy law.

Service, Services: means the services provided by Provider to Individual, including those described at